Here's the thing, we knew all this already! That's why Donald J. Trump got elected President in 2016. Patriotic "Boomers" saw what their left-leaning brothers and sisters were doing and tried through Trump to stop it. The "powers that be, however " realized Trump would "Make America Great Again" and thereby not only reinvigorate the nation by its bootstraps as a republic based on morality capitalism, and achievement, but also return the power of government to the people while removing self-serving politicians and their self-serving puppeteers from power. And they could not and simply would not allow Trumpism to take root.

They systematically contrived against him (and his ideology) from before he took office. They relentlessly pounded him up to and including the 2020 election (which they were willing to expose all by rigging) and will continue to disembowel him until he can no longer pose a threat to their feckless establishment.

We knew our nation was diverging from its charter of inalienable rights. We knew its moral charter was disintegrating in front of our eyes. We knew mainstream media and Hollywood are arms of the establishment's propaganda machine. We knew wars and "big" projects like Navy aircraft carriers and California's Mega Train are never ending so they will keep paying billions and billions of dollars to the greedy self servers. And we did something about it.

We elected Donald J. Trump President twice. And just as sure as President Trump won the 2020 election, the massive conspiring Establishment stole it from him and us. The proof of rigged election machines and procedures was and is so strong the Supreme Court wouldn't even consider reviewing the facts because it knows it will be compelled to overturn the election. So what now.

Well, we've seen what the establishment is capable of in less than 55 days. What do you think they will do in 24 months? One thing is for certain. They will get bill HR-1 passed through both houses of congress. Thereby controlling elections, both national and state, from Washington DC. And the United States will become a one-party nation. And they have told us many of the other things they will do.

They will get four more senators in Congress by making DC and Puerto Rico states. They will pack the Supreme Court. They will officially turn the Democratic Party into the Social Democratic Party. And undoubtedly they will raze takes. Both personal and business. Is there anything that can stop this governmental tsunami?

Short of the unspeakable, probably not. Certainly not if they get HR-1 passed. And the other items in the preceding paragraph.

Trump wanted to finish the wall, rebuild infrastructure, lead the world in 5-g technology and the 10g technology of the future internet. He wanted to set up a permanent base on the moon by 2024. And have a man on Mars by 20 34. He wanted to not only keep America's energy independent he wanted to perfect nuclear fusion . Are they big projects for us? I think they qualify. So let's not start accusing ourselves of lacking big ideas. Or lacking the will to accomplish them. Rather let's get a very loud campaign going to regain Fair elections in the United States. Only with 80 million voices relentlessly demanding a national debate on election integrity will America ever have a chance of retaining its heritage.


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Eric Hoffer would say that the reason America hasn’t done big projects since 1970 is because that was the time our ruling elite — and the intellectuals who guide its ideas — began to look down on the American masses.

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It's been a long time since we've had an actual "American elite". What we have is an international elite living in America. They no longer root for us to succeed.

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Thorium power. It's the answer.

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The speed of the development of the Covid vaccine seems worth mentioning re America undertaking big projects.

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Very good article, and I particularly like the virtual state idea. Unfortunately, I don’t see how the actual state won’t act against it and crush it, the second it appears to be breaking free. Our western societies are becoming increasingly totalitarian. Such regimes don’t tolerate dissenters — real or virtual.

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President Trump was on the right track when he said that abundance would solve a lot of our problems, reducing strife. The successor to the recalled Newsom should be running on making CA rich again starting with cheap one-polluting nuclear energy. Maybe then we can finally get that train built.

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I like this article and I find it interesting with how you start off using infrastructure as an analogy.

I whole heartedly agree - family should be the starting block.

How do we get back to recognizing that Americans are good. As a people we are not perfect, but as a country, Ibelieve there is more goodness in our history than there is hate. Let’s stop stigmatizing people for being a proud American.

For a big chunk of the 21st century, the political class, big tech and the entertainment industry quietly worked overtime to divide Americans by race, age, politics and gender. We are exhausted.

Tell me where to sign up to help make the changes necessary to get our freedoms back.

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