Very nice. How, for example, we're going to get being healthier as a political platform, I am not sure. The underlying problem is a virtue problem, or one underlying problem. Anyway, I had the same thought about 1969, in my review of Amity Shlaes's "Great Society," and when watching "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood":


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Nice work! Congrats on the newsletter.

I liked the part about the Liberal-Left liking justice and your take on it. I think you put it well, here: "In other words, people who are unusually obsessed with seeing justice done are really obsessed with seeing justice done to or upon others."

I believe the Left believes they have both the moral high-ground and the market on "Justice". They don't. What it boils down to is the same thing it always boils down to with the Left vs Right debate: Both parties, (radicals excluded) are for justice, they just have different ways they want to go about it. To that point, what the Left doesn't like about it is the Rule of Law already has that decided and the Right likes it that way.

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I loved this article, but I was taken out a few times by the slight errors.

Remember this quick mnemonic:

if you want to be possessive, it’s just its

but if you want to be a contraction meaning “it is” it’s i t apostrophe s

there are several times in this essay (which is thematically outstanding) in which “it’s” is used as a possessive whereas “its” would be the correct way of writing it.

Anyway, thanks for the great discussion!

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