“Hell is truth seen too late.” (Hobbes) We are suffering the consequences of Statism run amuck — failed experiments in social and economic engineering (the Great Society and its spawn) that place the State at the center of man’s universe. The self-appointed, omniscient Pontius Pilate will now judge truth (Quid est veritas?), not the family or faith. I think you are describing a new breed of pioneers who face the daunting task of resettling lost America — in fact, of resettling the lost West. The steel of family and faith confronting the Leviathan and its legions. “And how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods?”

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Thank you Chris. Family, Country and God. Memorial Day.

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I agree, with caveat....

The underlying assumption is an idealized family, that is healthy, high functioning, mutually supportive and nurturing.

That is not the reality for most people whether products of broken or intact families.

Just as all other institutions have collapsed or are in serious decline, so is the family. Setting aside the intentional redefinition of the family and indeed destruction of the nuclear family as codified for example in BLM’s stated goals, the family structure has been crumbling for decades.

To the point where most Americans live on “islands”....with no family nearby or even in social contact, which often wanes with geographical chasm.

The roots are many...rise in children going “away” to college, jobs taking adult children across the country, often far from their family of origin.

Numerous articles have been written detailing the rise of personal “tribes” consisting of those who live near you or with whom you work, or with whom you have shared interests. Today, I would argue this includes online “families” that have begun to sprout up among people with shared values, with members often having little to no contact with their own blood-related family members. Even if they reside with them!

So, as with all institutions, the family too is in great need of repair and restoration.

For every example of small communities that are making family life work as opposed to Harvard engendering trust I can name a small college also doing the same where the Ivys no longer do.

No, unfortunately the family is just as decimated in many ways, including in intra-member trust as any other institution.

Where I might agree with the author here, is that the family could be the initial building block to rebuild upon.


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Very encouraging

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Amen! So be it

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